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Just released and available everywhere

Orgasm: Lost Portal to the Divine calls attention to the sacredness of sexuality as it was practiced by goddess worshippers for the 30,000 years before Indo-European invasions and ultimate domination by a male centered culture. It goes on to show how sexuality was targeted as evil in order to restrict participation in ancient sexual ceremonies that resulted in prospective recipients of family wealth from being born in the goddess temples, unidentifiable as the children of any one man. Patrilineal inheritance could not be initiated if this situation continued, limiting the accumulation of wealth in the now dominant tribes. The resulting restrictions on women’s sexuality have been enforced by major religions throughout the ensuing 5000 years creating the gender and sexual imbalance that we suffer from today. The book offers evidence of our search for balance and harmony with women as full participants in the culture without ever using the word “sex” or addressing the sexual abuses that continue to throw us off balance. The author offers the solution of reclaiming understanding and practice of the higher-vibrations of human life-force energy available in high-level orgasms that bring pleasure and joy to life. These are still available. Some techniques for regaining access to these pleasures are offered. Children’s right to this knowledge is championed. Love and celebration as the basic ingredients of life replace dominance and greed.