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International Contemporary Art, Vol. IV, 1cA 2012

Xanadu Art Catalogue, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2012

WE MOON, Gaia Rhythms for Womyn Priestessing the Planet, 1999 and 2002

William and Mary Review, vol. 38, 2000

William and Mary Review, vol. 37, 1999

“Reclaiming the Sacred Source”; The Muse; Los Angeles, CA; September 1994

“Garden Grove, California”; Craft International; July, 1985

“Artists React to the Nuclear Issue”; Los Angeles Artist’s Equity News; Spring, 1982

“Connections with Nature” by Elenore Wells, ArtWeek, August 28, 1982

“Questions and Answers” with Maurice Tuchman; Images and Issues; Winter, 1981



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Lynn Creighton – Sacred Sexuality + Michelle Ebbins + Zoe Lillian, 2016

Sacred Feminine Sexuality with Sculptor, Lynn Creighton , OurVentura TV , 2016

Life and Style on the Westside VC Life and Style, Summer, 2006

Soaring Spirits: Celebrating in Bronze, Ventura Star, October 28, 2005

“Sweet Sweats” NoHo-LA September 27, 2000

“Bronze Art Sparks Debate” Moorpark College Reporter September 25, 2000

“Artist’s Design to Cast Female Sexuality in Positive Light” Moorpark September, 2000

“Works of Art” The Michigan Daily July 24, 2000

“Local Faculty Strut Their Stuff” The Reporter June 8, 2000

“The Art of Teaching” Our Times – Los Angeles Times Supplement May 30, 2000

“Learned Response” Out & About Ventura Los Angeles Times May 28, 2000

“Eye Catcher” Press-Telegram April 10, 2000

“Reclaiming the Sacred Source” Pasadena Weekly March 7, 1997

“College Artists Unite Visions” Simi Valley Daily News December 13, 1997

“Celebrating the Female Energy” Los Angeles Times May 20, 1994

“The Chrysalis Trio: Emergence of the Intrinsic Female” Messenger May 5, 1994

“Hands Up” The Independent April 21, 1994