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Lynn Creighton on Sacred Sexuality

Lynn Creighton talks about the purpose behind her clay and bronze sculptures, as the subject of this interview for the local TV series, Our Ventura.

Her figures are intended to dramatize a reality that embraces the sacred sexuality of feminine nature and the gift of orgasm which facilitates experiencing the profound nature of our own divinity.

She describes her work as about women learning to celebrate their own lives from a deep inner connection to the creator. From this place, women discover who they are and what they are meant to be and do in the joyful enactment of life.

Lynn Speaks About Desiree

Sacred Sexuality Triangles in Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculptor, Lynn Creighton, presents her sculpture, Claire, to Wiep De Vries, who purchased the artwork for her home. Lynn discusses the “litany of triangles” that are featured in this fine art.

The Power of a Large Female Butt in Bronze Sculpture

Sacred sexuality sculptor, Lynn Creighton, presents her bronze female sculpture, Orchid, to Nova Clite, who purchased the artwork for her home.

While describing the piece, Lynn speaks about her representation of the Chakra Line in the sculpture and how it relates to sexual energy moving up the body.

The artwork features a large woman’s butt and they discuss how it’s a source of female power and energy.

They also talk about the symbol of the snake in the sculpture as representative of energy moving up the body and as a symbol of a woman having a high capacity to experience her sexual energy.

The name, Orchid, is also discussed as a flower as well as its association with the female vulva and reproduction.

Sacred Feminine Sexuality with Sculptor, Lynn Creighton
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